Friday, October 21, 2005


The code I have added over the past couple of weeks has basically been a big collection of hacks that I plan to get rid of eventually but should speed up development. First, I coded a basic malloc routine, based on the first fit algorithm. I plan to switch this to a buddy allocator in the future. I figured that I wouldn't need to free memory yet, as there is 32 MB available, so I did not implement the free function yet... I may just wait until i write the new allocator to do that. I decided I wanted to handle button presses, so I learned about the Analog Digital Converter (ADC) which the buttons are wired to and wrote some code that should read from it. The issue that turned up is that I can't really detect button presses if I don't know what resistances to check for. So i decided that I needed some output of the resitances, which means that I need fonts. So I wrote a plugin for GIMP that outputs an image as one of my image_data structures in some generated c code. So to put the image into my code, I only need to compile the generated c file and use the symbol name. So what I did to get a font going is type a long string of letters and numbers in a monospaced font into an image, save it using my GIMP plugin, and then write a routine to blit the correct section of that image for each character. I plan to get real fonts going in the future, but I wanted some sort of quick output for the time being.

Then I proceded to test out my letter blitting routine by drawing letters vertically:

And then also my string drawing function: